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Tripura is a marginal State of India, marginal in terms of her geo - remoteness from New Delhi. The partition of India snapped her links with the mainland India.The tiny hill - state witnessed influx of the displaced persons from the former East Pakistan.

The demographic pattern saw upheavals charting a course, for future, raven with clashes of identity. The state is called the state of five hills. In the olden text, it is described that mostly five indigenous communities were ruling these five hills. It may not be entirely a figment of projected ideas without any basis. The last king, Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur declared a reserve as the home land within the state for those tribes - Tripuri, Halam, Jamatia, Noatia and Reang. Census of India reports that the state is abode of nineteen tribes.

Some have migrated from Jharkhand, Nepal and Chhatisgarh centuries back and have been inducted into the populace. Manipuris are a vibrant part of this national mosaic that has transformed Tripura a multi-ethnic and multi lingual cradle. It is small but beautiful.

It is full of strife, but rich in ideas. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India compared Tripura figuratively with 'atom' a reservoir of latent energy. The state saw a growth of a reading community from the time of the princely administration. After Tripura's merger with India the growth was galloping with increase of the literacy rate. The library movement nourishes as usual the reading community.

Akshar made debut in the year 1987 as publisher and received recognition within a short time. Akshar's books are different and significant since those are from the hitherto un- explored areas. The minor language authors of the NE India discover in Akshar their quay for reaching out the reading community.

The dormant so far, the creative expressions marked a new course in publication. Akshar participates in the Kolkata International Book Fair, the Delhi International Book Fair and all other leading National and Regional Book Fairs perennially.

Akshar participated in Frankfurt (Germany) Book- Fair, which has gone down as a unique exposure to the world of the book- trade. Till date, Akshar has published 250 titles covering anthropology, linguistics, history, archeology, literature, translations and popular science. Akshar is represented by. Mr. Subhabrata Deb, Director. .
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