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It is an ongoing Book Movement rather than a Book Yatra in Tripura. It started in the princely Tripura about 300 years ago. In the modern age it started in the fifties of the last century but it was fully shaped during the eighties at the advent of Agartala Book Fair in the year 1981.

AKSHAR came into being during late Eighties with an idea to publish books on Tripura and North-East in mainstream language Bengali alongwith Tripura's tribal language KOKBOROK (KOK meaning speech and BOROK human being, the compoud word as a whole meaning the language of the mass). Beside bringing out books on translation from and to Manipuri and Axomiya and books on aborginial people of North-East, AKSHAR established an unique idea of publishing bi-lingual books in one bound like – Bangla -Kokborok Poetry in both the languages; Bangla-Manipuri essay book in both languages in one bound.

At Present AKSHAR is having about 350 titles to its credit in Bengali, Kokborok, English, Manipuri and Axomiya. AKSHAR is famous in the publication fraternity of India as the WINDOW OF TRIPURA AND NORTH-EAST.

Other than in West Bengal and Dhaka, Bengali publication industry exists in a small state like Tripura also. Definitely AKSHAR is both the pioneer as well as the leader among all in this movement.
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